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Insight from 2 Peter 2

In this second insight from the New Testament book of 2 Peter ( Chapter 1), it follows on from the recent insights from 1 Peter. The Apostle reminds us about the importance of holding onto our Christian faith in the face of many different beliefs and teachings that may cause us to lose our faith and not retain a holy and disciplined lifestyle. 


It is quite unusual for any of us to have an idea when are earthly days are coming to an end. Most of us would not want to know when that would happen, yet if we are made aware of it by the Lord, as in the case of Peter, it can give us an end plan to work through with family and friends and complete any bucket list we may have!

Here in Peter’s second letter there are three main themes that appear. 1) Christian’s need to be consistent in their aspirations to live a holy life. 2) We have to resist any false teaching and worldly lifestyles so as to retain a holy life. 3) Each Christian should live in the light of the return of Christ as if it was a new day dawning.

The following points will help us to focus on what Peter is trying to share with us in this chapter and then there is an opportunity to ponder over some questions that are related to the specific bible verses. In the last insight (2 Peter 1) we noted that this chapter should be carefully compared to Jude 4 – 18.

Thanks Oladimeji

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False Teachers Verses 1 – 3

False religious teachers have always existed throughout the ages who only want to promote their own contemporary views which differ and conflict with the biblical view of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. However, such teachings will always fall away, as they deny a present reality of Christ. They promote destructive heresies that encourage Christians to give up on traditional church views so denying the sovereignty of God, who will destroy their shameful ways that disputes the Christian faith.    

Question How do we discern what is true and false in relation to the teachings and example of Christ? How can we uphold traditional and biblical teachings in the face of those who act like ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’?    

Condemnation to come Verses 4 – 10a

Peter reminds his readers that God is not mocked and wants everyone to accept his free give of salvation through Jesus. It is quite challenging to read that even angels when they sinned were punished and sent into dark places.

God did not spare his judgement in the ancient world. He sent the flood upon the ungodly whilst protecting the righteous Noah and his family. He condemned the sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, but rescued righteous Lot and his family. These are examples of how the Lord rescues the godly from their ordeals and brings punishment to the wicked. God does not condone pride, disobedience and immorality.


Question We may fear the rise of various Christian heresies and sinful lifestyles but what can we learn from the righteous and faithful examples of Abraham and Noah?

Christian Character 10b – 22

Self-willed people are bold and arrogant and are not even afraid of offending celestial beings with all their power. Peter records that some angels have struggled to bring such offenders before the Lord and in so doing have themselves been judged for not upholding the truths of God.

Many believers complain and give up following a narrow way as they lack reason and are just like animals who eventually bring disaster upon themselves. Such people are greedy and become a curse upon society and follow the way of Balaam who loved wickedness over righteousness but was constrained by the donkey that was sent from the Lord.

When godlessness abounds, the distinctions between acceptable living, and Christian living becomes blurred. In our present modern world what has previously been considered as sinful is now seen as acceptable. What has been seen as Godly is now classed as an old fashioned way of living and is challenged to change so as to accommodate sinful lifestyles.

Thanks Virginia

Peter outlines some of the worldly characteristics that should be avoided that include: licentiousness, immorality and greed. Christians are in danger of falling away from their faith just like some angels and church leaders who bring shame upon the church.

Peter concludes that those who have known Jesus but have fallen away are worst off compared to those who have never known Jesus and quotes two proverbs as examples. “A dog returns to its vomit” and “a sow that is washed goes back to wallow in the mud.”

Question In the face of many self-willed people how can we develop our Christian character to shine brightly in the midst of all the darkness that exists?

Selah (Pause to carefully consider what you have just read)


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